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Hughes Springs ISD, city to hold joint election

By: J. Leslie Riseden

Bee Contributor

HUGHES SPRINGS -- As the deadline to appear on the May ballot approaches, some local communities will be seeing new faces after the elections.

At the Feb. 13 meeting, the Hughes Spring ISD school board approved to hold a joint election with the city on May 6.

HSISD has three seats up for reelection in May. Places 1, 2 and 3 are currently held by Rick Nelson, Clint Morgan and Billy Willis, respectively.

Sources in the administration office report that Nelson and Willis have picked up their candidate packets, but stated Morgan is not expected to seek re-election. At least one candidate has already filed for Morgan’s Place 2 position on the board.

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Texas Heritage threesome wins annual Spelling Bee

Daingerfield-Lone Star Educational
Foundation hosted
their annual fundraiser on
Jan. 27.
The 2017 Champion
Spelling Bee was hosted at
the Daingerfield High School
to raise funds that allow the
Educational Foundation to
finance teacher grants each
year.The evening started
with a barbeque pulled pork
dinner that included cole
slaw, green beans, potato salad,
rolls and peach cobbler
for dessert.
Afterwards, the Spelling
Bee got underway, with
Heather Sanders reprising
her role from previous years
as caller. There were nine
teams participating in this
year’s Bee, and they included
a team from each school,
as well as several from the
community. There were the
THNBees from Texas Heritage
National Bank, West
Elementary Stellar Spellers,
The Bold and the Beautiful
from Daingerfield High

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Simpson pleased with 28 years as mayor

Since the mid-1980s, Mayor
Reba Simpson has been a fixture
in the city government.
From serving on the city
council, where she was mayor
pro tem, to holding the office
of mayor, Simpson has
seen a lot.
Simpson chose to first run
for city council to be a voice
for the average citizen. In an
interview following her first
mayoral election, Simpson
said “I ran for council because
I wanted to make sure
the average citizen would
have a voice in our city government.”
Although it was never her
intention, Simpson became
mayor in 1989, to fill the
unexpired term of the resigning
Carol Leftwich. She was
then elected in 1990, and has
faced very few challengers
during her tenure. Her goal
as councilwoman never wavered,
as she continued in
that first interview by saying
“I will continue to voice my

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Fire chief urges residents to mark addresses visibly for first responders

In an emergency,
seconds matter. A mere sixty seconds
can mean the difference between
full recovery, and a lifetime of disability,
or even death.
One local fire chief has made a plea
to residents in an effort to better help
those in his community.
Jenkins Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Chief Ron Brantley recently came
across a situation that could prove to be
life threatening in the case of an emergency.
Brantley noticed that many houses
only had address numbers facing one
direction, or worse yet, had no identifying
numbers at all.

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Rekindling a lost tradition at the state park

Daingerfield State Park
opened to the public in 1938 and through the early
1970s, community dances were a mainstay of this
historic Civilian Conservation Corps-built Texas
State Park.
The sight of happy dancers moving to the sounds
of that decade’s music, which could be heard emanating
from the park’s jukebox, created lifelong experiences
and memories.
Many families can actually be traced to a chance
encounter at the dance.
The dance tradition was strong from the 1930’s
through the 1960’s at the park with these activities
centered at the historic Pavilion’s dance terrace overlooking
Lake Daingerfield.
Park staff, with the help of area volunteers, are
in the process of bringing this lost tradition back to
Daingerfield State Park.
Once again, the park will be the center of summer
evening community gatherings.
The plan is to reestablish a retro jukebox at the

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Martin reflects on 13 years as sheriff

a young man, Jack Martin
began working with the fire
department and ambulance
Through that work, Martin
found his calling in law
enforcement, and has gone
on to be the first black sheriff
of Morris County.
After working with the
fire department and ambulance
service, Martin was
brought in by then-Naples
Police Chief Lloyd Martin,
who used him as a reserve
officer in the Naples Police
Department. Morris County
Sheriff Joe Skipper also used
Martin a reserve deputy.
When Sheriff Rickey
Blackburn resigned, Martin
chose to run for sheriff
himself. “It was something
I had a small desire to do,
but I never would have until
Sheriff Blackburn was
retired or gone. He actually
encouraged me to run as his
replacement,” said Martin.
In March of 2004, Martin
ran in the Democratic

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TxDOT working to repair washout on Highway 11

Once again, rainy
weather is wreaking havoc
in the area. After multiple
issues with flooding in
March of 2016, it seems
that Mother Nature is getting
an earlier jump on
things this year.
Travelers between
Daingerfield and Hughes
Springs are asked to pay
extra attention when traveling
past the golf course,
as the Texas Department of
Transportation has
blocked off the right lane
leading to where a portion
of roadway has washed
According to TxDOT
official Marcus Sandifer, it
is likely that the problem,
which occurred in the early
morning hours of Jan. 17,
was caused by drainage

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Hughes Springs sets May 6 as Election Day

Hughes Springs residents
should mark their
calendars for Saturday,
May 6. At the regular
meeting of the City
Council on Jan. 17, the
council selected May 6 for
election of a new mayor as
well as two city council

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Daingerfield-Lone Star ISD sets elections

At the regular monthly
meeting of the
Daingerfield-Lone Star
ISD Board of Trustees,
the board voted to
approve trustee elections
for May 6.
Two agenda items
regarding trustee elections
were brought
before the board on Jan.
17. In the first, the board
was asked to consider
ordering a trustee election
for May 6. Districts 1
and 2 both will be placed
on the ballot for the election.
Those places are
currently held by Neil
Roney and Maurice
Tigert, respectively.

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Marches come one day after inauguration of new president

Capital Highlights
By Ed Stirling


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