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Elected officials sworn in for new terms

With Jan. 1 falling on a
Sunday this year, most government
offices took
Monday, Jan. 2 as their
holiday. Morris County
was no different. When
work resumed on Jan. 3, it
began with the swearing in
of officials who had been
elected in last November’s
Sheriff Jack Martin, who
ran uncontested in
November’s general election,
was sworn in by
County Judge Lynda
Munkres. Twenty deputies
for the Morris County
Sheriff ’s Department were
also sworn in, followed by
Constable Kerry McCoy,
who was also unopposed in
the election.
The Honorable Danny
Woodson, judge of the
76th and 276th Judicial
Districts, swore in other
elected officials prior to
beginning docket call for
the first time in 2017.
Commissioners Dennis
Allen and Michael Clair
each retained their seat in

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Legislation proposes to regulate access to restrooms, locker rooms

State Capital Highlights
By Ed Stirling

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O'Dell wins First District American Legion National Oratorical Contest

Hughes Springs resident
Celeste O’Dell recently
competed in the
American Legion First
District National High
School Oratorical Contest,
which was held at First
Baptist Church
Daingerfield, Saturday
January 7, 2017.
O’Dell, a senior at
Hughes Springs High
School, will receive a $500
scholarship from the First
District for winning the
competition, and will represent
the District at the
First Division Oratorical
Contest, which will be
held in Fort Worth on Feb.
O’Dell had to give a prepared
speech covering
thoughts on an American
citizen's responsibilities
with regards to the
Constitution, then she had
to speak on one of four
parts of the amendments
to the Constitution, which
are pre-selected by the
National organization.

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Constitutional Carry a possibility in Texas

By Ellis Knox

Special to The Steel Country Bee

Constitutional carry, or permit-less open carry of a handgun may be coming to Texas. State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, of District 92, of Tarrant County has filed ‘HB 375,’ which would permit constitutional carry in Texas. Rep. Stickland introduced this measure late in 2016, to be considered in the 2017 legislative session.

This bill may face strong Democrat resistance just as the Concealed Handgun License (CHL), and License to Carry (LTC) did. It is not known at this time how many Republicans may oppose it. However, the likelihood of passage could be good as all the dire Democrat predictions of death and destruction have been wrong. Since 1995, much to the chagrin of those opposed to CHL and LTC, there have not been any fender bender shoot outs or gun fights in the streets. Everything has rocked along just like it did before.

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Commissioners meet, discuss JP opening

The Morris County Commissioners Court met in a special meeting on Dec. 30 in order to finalize a few items before the end of the year.

One item on their agenda was to review applications, discuss, and possibly approve a replacement for retiring Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, Betty Johnson. Johnson had submitted her resignation at the Dec. 12 regular meet ing of the court, effective Dec. 31. The court received two applications to fill Johnson’s unexpired term, which still has two years left. There was discussion on whether or not Johnson resigned or retired, which would affect whether or not the County could ask her to work as needed until a replacement was found.

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Patrick applauds action preserving North Carolina’s ‘bathroom bill’

Capital Highlights

By Ed Sterling

AUSTIN — Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has applauded the North Carolina legislature’s refusal to repeal a law banning individuals from using public bathrooms designated for the opposite sex.

Patrick, who has made the passage of similar legislation in Texas one of his priorities, said in a Dec. 22 statement:

“Legislation like this is essential to protect the safety and privacy of women and girls, and is simple common sense and common decency. “Legislation to protect women’s privacy and business is essential to assure that sexual predators, like those who exploit the internet, will not be able to freely enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms or showers and that businesses are not forced by local ordinances to allow men in women’s restrooms and locker rooms.”

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An early Christmas miracle in Lone Star

Lucky to be alive is an understatement with regard to an afternoon accident that occurred near United States Steel on Dec. 23. A Christmas miracle would more adequately describe the scene, as an 18-wheeler hung over the bridge as the driver was lifted to safety on a soggy day before Christmas Eve. At approximately 3 p.m., Morris County dispatchers called Lone Star Police and Fire Department to a onevehicle wreck on the Lone Star Lake Bridge, just south of United States Steel. Upon arrival, emergency crews found the trailer of a semi rig hanging over the bridge.

From evidence at the scene, it appeared the rig was traveling southbound on Highway 259 when it hydroplaned, hitting the bridge in multiple locations before ultimately going over. With pieces of what appeared to be the cab scattered on the marshy lake below, attention quickly turned to rescuing the driver and returning him to the bridge, where he could be checked by EMS.

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Election "Trumps" final months

Last week, we revisited some of the big news stories from the first half of 2016. This is the continuance of that article, highlighting the big news from July through December.


July began with the sniper-style shooting of Law Enforcement officers in Dallas. Although not directly in the Steel Country Bee readership area, the story affected LEOs in the area, as well as the community. Local Police chiefs spoke out on the situation, and almost all of them discussed the difficulties of the job, and that they would try and prepare themselves, as best they could, to handle similar situations.

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Cass County issues new most wanted list

Cass County has issued a new most wanted list.

Randy Alan Alexander, wanted for driving while intoxicated.

Travis Collins Barrer, wanted for probation violation for assault.

Marcus Derrell Brown, wanted for bond forfeiture for driving with license invalid, and for bond forfeiture for driving while intoxicated.

Leona Marie Bryant, wanted for bond forfeiture for possession of a controlled substance.

James Bradley Bumgarner, wanted for bond forfeiture for burglary.

Tina Renee Cason, wanted for probation violation for driving while intoxicated.

Darion Flournoy, wanted for burglary.

Stacey Dawn Gearlds, wanted for bond forfeiture for criminal trespassing.

Martha Diane Gray, wanted for probation violation for driving while intoxicated.

Tammy Lee Hinton, wanted for probation violation for controlled substance.

Gerald Randelle Hodges, wanted for probation violation for theft.

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City Council votes on requested variances

When the Daingerfield City Council met for the last time in 2016, there were two requests on the agenda for variances on existing ordinances.

The first was brought to the Council by Mr. Mark Priestner, representing Mr. Saaa Shelk. Shelk is looking into purchasing property across Highway 259 from Daingerfield’s South Elementary School. Currently, the building is unoccupied. Shelk intends to renovate the current gas station building, and was seeking a variance to the distance requirement for the sale of beer and wine. Under the current ordinance, the building is too close to the school to sell alcohol.


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