A Patriot's Opinion- Attention Hollywood: Don't quit your day job

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By Jim Snyder

Ok excuse me while I vent. I
am fed up with Hollywood
actors and actresses telling
us how we should live, breathe, and
conduct our politics. These people
are paid to act, in other words they
get paid to either be or pretend to be
someone else. And they get paid
quite handsomely for their efforts.
Now don’t get me wrong there are
many great actors and actresses out
there. And like everyone else I have
my favorites, but I also have a list of
ones I cannot tolerate. And unfortunately
that list is getting longer by
the day. And just last week I have
just added Meryl Streep to that list.
While accepting a lifetime achievement
award Ms. Streep took it upon
herself to verbally abuse the new
president elect Donald Trump. Of
course, what else would we expect
from someone who supported the
loser of the presidential election?
These Hollywood performers cannot
seem to stop themselves from
taking on the role as our guardians
at every turn. No matter what occurs
in American politics you can always
depend on an actor or actress to give
us their “expert opinion” on the matter.
Of course this only applies when
things don’t go their way. I’m sure is
Hillary Clinton had won the election
George Clooney would not be trying
to educate us about her illegal activities
and her husband’s sexual misgivings.
The arrogance of these individuals
to think that they are intellectually
and morally superior to us
is insulting. Let me clarify that statement
with an example. I, Jim Snyder,
have more political experience and
knowledge than Meryl Streep and
George Clooney have in their little
pinky fingers. Just because these
people make $20 million dollars per
film gives them no right to claim
they are smarter or more compassionate
than any of us. And just as
insulting is the fact that these folks
who make $50 million dollars a year
or more can stand there and say they
can relate to the common man or
woman. They have no clue what the
average person in this country goes
through every day.
These Hollywood elites also take
every chance they get to deride capitalism
as the enemy of the working
m a n .
Hey Hollywood, News Flash!!!
Capitalism is the reason you have
everything you own. Capitalism is
the reason you can demand that $20
million dollar payday you just made
for your last film. So stop with the
bleeding heart dribble about how
capitalism is such a great threat to
our society. Capitalism is the reason
you are on that stage telling us how
to live and trashing us for how we
use our voting rights. So here is my
message to everyone in Hollywood
who thinks they are smarter than
the average American. Don’t quit
your day job. Stick to what you do
best, pretending to be someone else.
Stop trying to be the morality police
because you really have no authority
in that field. Your wealth does not
raise your I.Q. level as you may
believe it does. So stop trashing what
you do not understand. Remember
there are 62 million people who
voted for the current president elect,
and many of those people pay good
money to go to the movies to watch
you play. Oh yeah you forgot about
that didn’t you?

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