Martin reflects on 13 years as sheriff

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a young man, Jack Martin
began working with the fire
department and ambulance
Through that work, Martin
found his calling in law
enforcement, and has gone
on to be the first black sheriff
of Morris County.
After working with the
fire department and ambulance
service, Martin was
brought in by then-Naples
Police Chief Lloyd Martin,
who used him as a reserve
officer in the Naples Police
Department. Morris County
Sheriff Joe Skipper also used
Martin a reserve deputy.
When Sheriff Rickey
Blackburn resigned, Martin
chose to run for sheriff
himself. “It was something
I had a small desire to do,
but I never would have until
Sheriff Blackburn was
retired or gone. He actually
encouraged me to run as his
replacement,” said Martin.
In March of 2004, Martin
ran in the Democratic
Primary against four other
men for the position of Morris
County Sheriff, including
his former boss, Joe Skipper.
“It was real intimidating
running against my former
boss, Sheriff Skipper, but he
was gracious and supportive
throughout the campaign,”
said Martin.
Martin won that primary,
and, with no Republican
challenger, subsequently
won the position in the November

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He was sworn in as interim
sheriff on July 1, 2004,
and won the seat that November.

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