Pet Peeves, we all have them right?

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A Patriot's opinion
By Jim Snyder

Ok, admit it. We all have those annoying things in our daily
lives that others do that drive us crazy. Some are small things
and some are bigger ones. But they still make us bite our lip
or cause us to scream out loud inside our vehicles to release
our displeasure. So here are a few of my all-time favorites.
Fog light violators and other brain dead drivers: OK don’t
get me wrong here I own vehicles with fog lights and they
have a specific purpose. But when did it become necessary for
some folks to keep them on all day and night even when there
isn’t any fog. And the offenders seem to get us from both
directions. It’s bad enough getting blinded by them coming
toward you but it’s just as bad when they drive right behind
you and seem to be oblivious to what they are doing which
is blinding the person in front of them. Is there not a law that
covers this, the same as someone highlighting you with their
high beams? If not there should be.
And how about slow drivers who will not get out of the
left hand lane, “@#$%^&*”. And folks who can’t remember
where the turn signal lever is. And tailgaters who ride your
bumper. And people talking and texting while driving and not
paying attention. OK stop!!!

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