Rekindling a lost tradition at the state park

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Daingerfield State Park
opened to the public in 1938 and through the early
1970s, community dances were a mainstay of this
historic Civilian Conservation Corps-built Texas
State Park.
The sight of happy dancers moving to the sounds
of that decade’s music, which could be heard emanating
from the park’s jukebox, created lifelong experiences
and memories.
Many families can actually be traced to a chance
encounter at the dance.
The dance tradition was strong from the 1930’s
through the 1960’s at the park with these activities
centered at the historic Pavilion’s dance terrace overlooking
Lake Daingerfield.
Park staff, with the help of area volunteers, are
in the process of bringing this lost tradition back to
Daingerfield State Park.
Once again, the park will be the center of summer
evening community gatherings.
The plan is to reestablish a retro jukebox at the
historic pavilion with music from all decades and
generations for park visitors to enjoy.
There will be a special emphasis on songs and
genres that would have been heard at these once very
popular social events.
The staff is working hard to create the perfect mix
of tunes.
Park staff have announced their plan to kick-off
and rekindle the dance tradition with an event associated
with a special time of the year – Valentine’s

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