Simpson pleased with 28 years as mayor

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Since the mid-1980s, Mayor
Reba Simpson has been a fixture
in the city government.
From serving on the city
council, where she was mayor
pro tem, to holding the office
of mayor, Simpson has
seen a lot.
Simpson chose to first run
for city council to be a voice
for the average citizen. In an
interview following her first
mayoral election, Simpson
said “I ran for council because
I wanted to make sure
the average citizen would
have a voice in our city government.”
Although it was never her
intention, Simpson became
mayor in 1989, to fill the
unexpired term of the resigning
Carol Leftwich. She was
then elected in 1990, and has
faced very few challengers
during her tenure. Her goal
as councilwoman never wavered,
as she continued in
that first interview by saying
“I will continue to voice my
opinion for the average citizen.”
Even though Simpson no
longer arrives at the office
each day, she continues to
take her position seriously,
saying she will go in anytime
they need her.

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