Community comes out in support of officer’s daughter

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showed up in force
on April 22 in support of
one of their newest, youngest
members, as a benefit for
Kimber Parr was held at the
fire station.
Kimber Harlynn Parr is
the newborn daughter of
Daingerfield Police Sergeant
Corey Parr and his
wife, Charlene. Kimber was
diagnosed prior to her birth
with Bi-lateral Cleft of the
Lip and Cleft Palate. She
was born April 4, which
was several weeks prior to
her actual due date. Kimber
had to be fitted with a special
device to help her breath
and eat, and her parents had
to undergo training prior to
bringing her home.
Along with the special
orthodontic device, Kimber
also requires special bottles
due to her condition, and
will have to undergo a series
of surgeries. Her first surgery
will be at approximately
three months of age.
Although her parents
have Medicaid, it typically
does not cover the cost
of the device or bottles she
needs, so Sergeants Parr’s
colleagues at the Police Department
teamed up with the
Daingerfield Fire Department
to host a hamburger
benefit and silent auction
in order to help defray the
costs of Kimber’s medical

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