Newsflash: ‘The sky is still not falling’

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A Patriot's Opinion
By Jim Snyder
Well, just as expected the left and all of their climate change fanatics are losing the minds over President Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate agreement. Within minutes of his announcement, the environment
A-listers were predicting doom and gloom on a global scale. Of course, the one thing that is never discussed is how wrong these people have been with their predictions of climate Armageddon.
Starting back in the early 70’s, they were actually predicting another ice age. But when that didn’t happen they needed a new way to milk people out of their hard-earned money. So along came their prediction of what was known at the time as Global Warming.
For decades we were bombarded with predictions of extreme warming temperatures and rising sea levels. We were told that ice caps on both poles were melting away. We were shown pictures of a polar bear sitting on a piece of ice the size of a postage stamp. They said those same polar bears were going to be wiped out due to all of this ice melting. We were shown videos of huge chunks of glaciers falling into the sea. It was predicted that New York would be totally underwater by the late 1980s.
Well, that prediction was slightly off by oh let’s say a million years or so. But just to be on the safe side I just Google mapped New York City and by golly, it’s still there. But to the dismay of all of the scientists and global warming worshipers, the temperature was actually found to be leveling off.
The ice melting we were told was unprecedented was actually the annual spring thaw that has taken place every year for thousands of years. And guess what? Polar bear populations are growing. So once again the global warming crowd had to re-brand their money making enterprise. So if they couldn’t prove cooling and they couldn’t prove warming what pray tell could they use as their foundation for their next endeavor?
Climate Change. Now there is a catch-all phrase. What a brilliant move right? No matter what the climate does they can still claim victory and milk the taxpayers for more of their hard earned money to combat this magical problem. Now, CO2 levels are predicted to be higher than
ever before proving that mankind and his industrial revolution was poisoning the planet and doing irreversible damage. Blah blah blah blah.
Ok, enough of the fairy tale stuff, let’s get down to some facts. The current CO2 level in the atmosphere is about 350-400 part per million (ppm). Guess when the highest CO2 levels on the planet were discovered to be? According to core samples taken years ago, about 500 million years ago the CO2 level was about 20 times higher than it is today (4,000 to 8,000 ppm).
Most if not all of that was due to volcanic activity.
Last time I checked there were no cars or trucks, no factories, and no coal burning power plants back in the Stone Age. So, why the hysteria? It’s all about money folks. That is the main reason the president pulled the plug on the Paris agreement. It would have bled trillions of dollars from our economy to prop up other countries around the world. It would have cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs and driven our electric rates even higher.
The bottom line is this. Mother Nature is an amazing woman. She healed the earth from outrageous levels of CO2 millions of years ago. She healed herself when it was claimed that there was a hole in her ozone layer. She even healed her planet when we had a terrible oil spill in the Gulf that was predicted to cause damage for years. But magically the oil was dissolved by her microorganisms.
Ladies and Gentlemen, mankind cannot destroy this planet. The only person who can destroy it is its creator.
Keep that in mind next time you hear one of the chicken littles screaming that the sky is falling......again.

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