Petting zoo bring animals to library

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DAINGERFIELD – Each summer, libraries host events based around a central theme. This summer’s theme for the Summer Library Program is “Build a Better World.”

On June 15, local libraries worked together by bringing Lil Bitty Corral to both Daingerfield and Hughes Springs for a “hands-on” experience with petting zoo animals for the children.

Lil Bitty Corral is operated by Rancho Condarco which is owned by Dianne and Ross Condarco.

Children at both locations had the opportunity to get to know some of Rancho Condarco’s animals. Children were able to brush goats, donkeys, a miniature horse, potbelly pigs, and even cows. In small animal pens at both locations, children had the opportunity to pet ducklings and chicks, and hold rabbits. Each child had the opportunity to go into both pens, and meet each of the different animals.

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