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I’m sick of the double standard in politics

The double standard in politics has reached epidemic proportions. For those who care to look for it this double standard is clear. Unfortunately there are still some who claim it doesn’t exist. If there was an occasional example then the argument might have some validity. But the facts tell a very different story. For the past 12 months democrats and the mainstream media have been totally obsessed with the idea of Russian collusion in our elections. And even after multiple investigations have shown no evidence of this so called collusion they continue to push the Russian boogeyman narrative. So far their entire case is based on nothing but rumors and false accusations.

Their latest obsession has to do with Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian attorney last year to possibly get some dirt on Hillary Clinton. And even after learning that this meeting yielded nothing they still cannot let it go.

And just like clockwork the left and their media darlings are demanding yet another investigation into their latest Russian fairy tale. Now I totally agree that anything suspicious involving our election process or national security should be investigated. But this is where the old double standard rears its ugly head. So let’s look at some classic examples of this.

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