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There is a popular television show out right now titled This is Us. Basically, the show chronicles several families through life. It basically shows that we each fight our own battles, yet we all have battles.

Our country has become divided by people who want to say one group is better or worse than the other. We have begun to take away our history, simply because it defends a specific group. Those who are wishing to divide our country are doing so by making us believe that this is us as a country. They want us to believe that our country is defined by racism, negativity, and separation. I strongly disagree, and let me tell you why.

Texas just got slammed by Hurricane Harvey. Photos and videos coming out of the devastated areas from Corpus Christi to Galveston are unreal. Water is everywhere; it has covered six lane freeways and flooded subdivisions. Hospitals in Houston, including M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, are starting to take on water. But, there is more coming from the stories of devastation.

Stories and videos are pouring out of the flooded areas of people helping people. No one cares about color, race, class or orientation; they are simply working to save and help as many people as possible. Videos of people from all races and walks of life working together to get an elderly couple out of the flood waters or to remove small children from a submerged vehicle are flooding the internet.

Facebook is filled with posts of people asking for help out of high water. None of the posts say anything about the race, creed, color, or financial status of those needing help. Nor do any of the posts request a specific race, creed, or color to come help. They just ask for help. And help is going. From all over the state, as well as from all over the country, help is on the way.

This is us. This is what our country is truly about. This is what we should be seeing more and more of on the mainstream media.

Now, I know us Texans aren’t all perfect. We do have those crazy folks who are looting stores during this tragic event. Heck, there have even been people who shot at and attempt to steal from the Cajun Navy, a group from our neighbors to the east who came to help in our time of need. But those are a small number compared to the large number of people affected by Harvey.

All in all, what is happening in Texas shows the true nature of what our country was founded upon. Media and hate groups want you to believe that Charlottesville, VA defines us. But, from my perspective, what is happening in south Texas is what defines us, it is what defines our nation. This is Texas. Let’s all get Texas Strong and turn the tide. THIS is us.

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