The CIA, part 1

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I’m often ask what I did at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and with the news and the Fake News full of talk about it. I thought this would be a good time to talk about my experiences and what I saw on the inside. I was hired by a contracting firm, away from the old Department of Defense Mapping Agency where I worked as a Federal employee. These contractor companies would turned over every few years, during those years I remained in the same job.

I worked for The Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis, a school in CIA University. Yes, the CIA has an in-house university. There are universities that teach the preliminaries needed, but the nuts and bolts of the job are taught in-house. I was the facilities manager, of all the school’s equipment, classrooms, printers, copiers, and computers. I also arranged to have it cleaned. I traveled with equipment and set it all up during off-site training.


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