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The Scratching Post

The Scratching Post

Hi. My name is Millie, and I am your local office cat. I just recently became a member of the Steel Country Bee and Pittsburg Gazette staff. My duties include relieving stress, looking cute, and basically running the place.

Do You Have Moss on Your Trees?

Do You Have Moss on Your Trees?

Epiphytes are known as air plants. They live on the surface of another plant while taking the water and nutrients from the air. They are not parasites or even partial parasites such as green mistletoe. They can grow on many surfaces, but we most often see them on large oak trees, but they can occur on other species such as crepe myrtle, magnolia trees, and even pines, as well as fences and telephone lines! The three most common epiphytes are Spanish moss, lichen, and ball moss. The most common of these in our area is ball moss.

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The Asian Giant Hornet Will Get Here

No doubt, many of you have by now heard about the Asian Giant Hornet (Vespa mandarinia) that was first spotted in Washington State last December, having migrating there from Western Canada. Under the heading of, “if it bleeds, it leads,” the news media has begun hyping it calling it the killer or murder hornet. OK, we agree it’s certainly something about which to be concerned and unless a way to stop it is found, it will eventually get to NETSEO. It will not, however, be here next month and perhaps not for several years, unless it finds a way to hitch-hike its way here.


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